[0.159] overwolf.media.replays.onHighlightsCaptured seems not usable by multiple apps

See reply below for a fast reproduction and gist of the issue

We have two apps (let’s call them “app a” and “app b”) using overwolf.media.replays.onHighlightsCaptured to get automatic highlights.
Each app works fine when running on its own, but when running both at the same time, one app always get’s the event and the other does not.
It doesn’t matter in which order I start the apps (and therefore the overwolf.media.replays.turnOn call is done), app a always takes precedence when both apps run.
Are there any known issues with using overwolf.media.replays.onHighlightsCaptured from multiple apps at the same time?

I tested with basic demo apps (demo app master without any fancy things) and the issue reproduces there. Here is the setup:

  1. install 2 demo apps (rename one copy)
  2. start league game (practice mode)
  3. start app 1 and paste snippet in console
  4. start app 2 and paste snippet in console
  5. teleport into fountain and wait for kill highlight

=> highlight will be logged in app 1, but not app 2


	settings: {
		video: {}
	highlights: {
		enable: true,
		requiredHighlights: ['*']
}, (results)=>{

	console.warn('Highlight received:')

As a side note:
I verified that it is still neccessary to pass in the empty video property in the turnOn settings :smiley:

Reproduced, thanks.
We’re fixing for the upcoming iteration.

@Colorfulstan, we updated the devs channel to, and now it includes this fix.

Can you please update your client and confirm that now it’s working as expected? Thanks.

I am closing this issue due to a lack of response.
You can always ask to reopen it by mentioning me with a @.


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