A couple of general questions about video ads

  1. How long are they? Are they of different lengths?
  2. Do they have to be closed by the user or can we close them as soon as the loading of the game ends?
  3. How long does a user have to view an ad before it counts as a view?
  4. Do you have ad lengths tailored for something like load screens where they are of the shorter type?

I think using video ads is not a problem in places like the collection screen. We might even put them in drafts too, but during the loading screen, I am a bit skeptic if the users have to click them away to actually play the game. So I would like more info on the ads and how they work. It is not described in detail on the site.

  1. video ads are usually 5 - 30 seconds. The average is 22-25 seconds. and yes, they have different lengths
  2. you can close them as soon as the loading of the game ends. User experience is important; we don’t want to be intrusive; we usually add an “X” button to give the user an option to close the window. you don’t have to add this from the start; you can wait 5 seconds.
  3. Two metrics relate to viewing:
    • Viewability - ad which appears at least 50% on screen for more than 2 seconds (that is why our ad placement is fixed and not affected by any scroll bars, to be at 100% viewability all the time)
    • Completion rate - a measurement of ad completions out of the total ad views. (completions - Number of times 100% of the video ad was played)
  4. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the creative duration we receive from our advertisers. and we can’t target the ad duration by the window.

Users almost don’t click while in-game; our advertisers are less interested in performance metrics; their campaigns are for brand awareness.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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