Ability to set shortcuts from the app

  • Feature Description:
    I would like to set the shortcut directly inside my app settings, instead of having to open the overwolf settings.
    If the keybind is already used by another app or not possible, this api would return an error

  • impact for my app: Mid: better user experience on this point, and allow to hard fix some cases where for some reason the keybind becomes unassigned

@trebonius0, from the product point of view, we think that allowing an app to change settings directly, can create some issues - as currently, the client UI handles some checking and validation when you set values, etc. and make sure that there are no conflicts with other apps.

On the bottom line - it’s not something that we think it’s right to implement in the API right now.
If you have a specific requirement that you think it’s critical, let me know. And we can further discuss it with the product team.


@trebonius0 Hi, I want to update you that we eventually added it to our backlog, but since it’s on low priority, we don’t have an ETA yet.

I’ll keep you updated here.

Hi. We added this feature to OW v0.162 that available on the developers channel.

I’m closing the ticket now. Please feel free to ask any questions or tell me if you want to reopen it by mentioning me.