Ability to toggle window visibility when switching focus between Game and Overwolf client

Feature Description:

Currently, when you switch focus between Overwolf and the Game via the default control/tab, app windows remain in place. This allows them to overlap the game. Which is great for most use cases.

However, we’ve noticed this causing some UX issues for new users, where as they expect the windows to “hide” when switching focus from Overwolf -> Game specifically. Similar to how Valve’s Steam overlay works.

It would be great if there was a manifest.json setting, per window, that allowed these to toggle hidden when returning to the game. As illustrated via the checkboxes in the prototype below:

impact for my app:


What is your current pain point?

This has causes players to be killed in-game in some situations because their view was obstructed by the app window.

What do you have in mind to solve it?

  1. A manifest.json setting per window to allow this toggle setting
  2. An Overwolf API event for going from OW -> Game, and from Game -> OW.

#2 allows developers to build this feature themselves, including the ability to trigger a “mini” window display that would obstruct less of the gameplay screen. Instead of hiding the window completely.


We are aware that custom hotkey actions are possible. This is not not and ideal solution since it would require users to learn a control/tab replacement for every app that needs this functionality. It would be best served as an option for the existing hotkey if possible.

we got your request. We will discuses it internally and update you. thanks

hi @JackpotRising,

Although the above suggestion is exciting and makes sense, in the end, we had to choose an approach whom we believe most closely matches the requirements of our product at this moment.

We believe that custom hotkey and behavior for each app is the right path for now. But that can be changed in future released.