Add a little information about restarting running game clients during Overwolf installation

  • Feature Description: During installation of Overwolf it could possible be made more clear that the user should restart their game if they currently had it running prior and during installation of the Overwolf client.
    Most games are probably fine but PUBG for instance won’t “hook up” properly to Overwolf if it was running before and during installation of the Overwolf client and other games (current and future releases) could be affected as well.

  • impact for my app: low

  • What is your current pain point?: No Pain Point.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it? A little information window during installation: “Make sure that you restart any running game you are installing the app for to make sure 100% application functionality” or something along those lines.

note for staff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it to the product team. Note that even in PUBG, it should work (of course not if you installed OW in the middle of a game, but once you start a new match, it should work properly).