Add a variable for detected Bomb Site / Objective Location

Related Games:
Rainbow Six: Siege

Feature description

Add an event that shows the detected bomb site location when attackers detect it.

Current workaround

There is no way of tracking this for Attackers currently.

Implementation recommendation

Could be an extra event in match_info, similar to map_id, with the name pulled as string from the HUD?

Technical recommendation

Since the start of this current season, they added that when you are an attacker and you or a teammate sees the bomb, a large notification appears on-screen:

This would be the perfect moment and opportunity.

Feature potential

This would be amazing both for real-time recommendations to newer players to the game (giving advice), as well as amazing post-match stats tracking.

Possibility of exploiting

None, as the information is freely given by the game.

Priority rating

This is a nice-to-have, though I’m currently working with the Overwolf Acceleration Team to improve my app’s demographic targeting to newer/less experienced players, and this would be an amazing addition to allow many more features.

Additional notes

This is a new request, similar to the one I originally asked in June 2020. However, with the introduction of the new HUD element which showcases the site name, this may be much easier to implement now? Note that for rounds where the local player is a Defender, it is already possible to automatically track objective site, since the R6:Siege GEP improvements in early 2022.

We’ve added this feature request to the backlog, and will update here as development progresses.

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