Add a variable for the amount of reinforcements left

Related Games:
Rainbow Six Siege
Feature Description:
In the R6: Siege UI, when you are on the defending side there is a part of the “Match Header” that says how many reinforcements are left for your team, this is a value anywhere from 0-10 that can be affected by the actions of any player on your team, and is only available to defenders.
Impact for my app:
What is your current pain point?
My goal is to make a custom hud, which requires disabling the Match Header in game, which forcibly hides this part of your hud. Without this information available to me in overwolf, I cannot replace all the elements that need to be replaced.
What do you have in mind to solve it?
the implementation should be relatively simple, as it’s only on screen for defenders and should be able to be pulled as a string from the UI.

Hi @kran27
Thank you for your request
We will review it and get back to you
At this moment we cannot provide any ETA for this issue but we will add this to our backlog