Add a variable for the Chosen Operator to R6:Siege game events

Rambling video explanation on this request:

Feature description

Add a new Info Update to the Rainbow Six: Siege API that provides the name or ID of the Operator that is currently selected.

Current workaround

There is currently no way of automatically detecting this, with the current information provided. I’m asking my users to manually provide the information by way of an unobtrusive pop-up. But obviously this isn’t an ideal solution.

Implementation recommendation

Could be an additional variable added to the player info updates. So aside from the health and score etc. you have a selected_operator. Thus:


Either have this trigger when the player selects an Operator during the Operator Selection Phase (this will allow features such as recommended load-outs or recommended alternate Operator picks). Or wait to trigger until the Operator selection is locked in (when the ‘Prep-phase’/’Droning-phase’ begins). That way the event only triggers once per round. This reduces its potential for usefulness by Overwolf apps though.

Technical recommendation

The information becomes available in-game during the Operator Selection Phase. It has a visual cue by way of an icon and string that are loaded into the UI:
MOZZIE is the Operator-name here.

Note that internally Ubisoft has some esoteric codes assigned to Operators, such as 2:12 for Mozzie or 5:2 for Thermite.

Contact me if you need the full list of these ‘index codes’ translated into their corresponding Operators.

Feature potential

There is massive potential here.

Knowing the chosen Operator can be used for all kinds of potential app ideas and feature additions.

Some off the top of my head:

  • Loadout recommendations
  • Weapon recoil pattern visualization
  • Operator recommendations (long-term)
  • Banning recommendations (long-term)
  • Team composition recommendations
  • Statistics tracking per Operator (my current implementation)

Note that the potential here would be even greater is you offer this info update for each roster_XX entry, rather than just the local_player.

Possibility of exploiting

Depends on the implementation.

If only implemented for the local_player, there is no potential at all for it being misused.

The Operator you pick is always known, as you selected it yourself. It’s clearly communicated from the very first second of a round, so there is no chance of any ‘unfair advantage’ of any kind.

If implemented to be given for each roster_XX, it should ONLY provide Operators for teammembers (i.e. if you are on the Orange team, it should only the Operators for the other Orange teammembers are known info).

If you were to link the Selected Operator per roster_XX Info Update to the icons in the HUD, this would be a great way to ensure only information known by everyone in the match is used. For instance, during the Prep-phase or Action-phase, enemies can be ‘scanned’ to make clear their Operator-choice.
This would be an elegant solution to provide the information in a fair and balanced way.

@Bl0n thanks for the detailed request!.. we will discuessed that internally and update you.
Just to clarify: how would you rate that FR (for your app) - critical? mid? low?

Hey @eransharv!
I would say for my app it is: high.

I have a version of an implementation of the feature already, with the user having to manually enter the data. It is annoying enough that a vast majority of users opt-out of doing it.

Having it received automatically, even just for the local_player, opens up massive potential for additional features.

@Bl0n thanks. I pushed it to our backlog. Like i mentioned in your other tickets - there are a lot of requests. We are prioritising and the implementation of this one might take some time.


@Bl0n Yesterday we released GEP 151.1.26.

Now, more info is available in the "roster" info-update: operator id and health for each of your teammates + score , kills and deaths for all players.

More info:

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