Add an info update for the Current Compass Location to R6:Siege game events

Feature description

Add a new Info Update to the Rainbow Six: Siege API that provides the name of the Compass Location shown on-screen.

Current workaround

There is currently no way of automatically detecting this, with the current information provided.

Implementation recommendation

Could be an additional variable added to the player info updates. So aside from the health and score etc. you have a compass_location. Thus:


This would trigger whenever the location string changes in the HUD.

Alternatively, only have this trigger during kill, knockedout, and death events, but this would significantly reduce the potential of its use.

Technical recommendation

The compass location is a string in the HUD, which could hopefully be read from memory:

“2F” there is second floor.

“Mechanical Bull” is the compass location, the name of the room that the player finds him-/herself in currently.

Feature potential

Extremely high.

It can be used for a large variety of potential app ideas and feature additions.

Some off the top of my head:

  • Strategy recommendations
  • Showing floor plans
  • Statistics tracking per Location
    • Heatmaps of kills, deaths, time spent, etc.
  • Tracking Spawnpoints and/or chosen Objective Site

Possibility of exploiting


As long as the location is only provided for the local_player, the current compass location is a known fact by the user.

@Bl0n thanks for the detailed request!.. we will discuessed that internally and update you.
Just to clarify: how would you rate that FR (for your app) - critical? mid? low?

Hey @eransharv!
This is difficult. On the one had I want to say critical because there are features I want to build, that are impossible without doing this.

But on the other had, my app is probably fine without implementing those features, so then it’d be maybe mid?

@Bl0n Mid is great (criticall it’s more like a feature that without it your current app can’t funciton at all).

I pushed it into our backlog. Note that there is no ETA and there are a lot of other requests… so that might take some time to implement. But i’m keeping this ticket open and we will let you know.