Add data to roundStart event for R6:Siege clarifying a Defending vs. Attacking round

Feature description

It’s currently not always possible to know whether the local_player is attacking or defending in a round. I’d like for the roundStart event to get an additional variable that lets me know which of the two the local_player is doing.

Current workaround

The roster_XX events provide you with the information of whether the local_player is on the Orange or Blue team.

The Orange team always starts on Defence. The Blue always on Attack. So that’s easy.

In Siege, the side-swap happens after three rounds. So you can know just by the team colour, what side (ATK or DEF) the player will play on, for the first six rounds.

However, after 6 rounds, if no winner is determined, you enter Overtime. And in Overtime, the ATK and DEF sides are randomly selected. This means there are four possible ways a match can play out:

  • Orange: DDDAAAADA
  • Orange: DDDAAADAD

My current workaround is to literally ask the player what side they ‘received’ from the game, if Overtime occurs, through a pop-up window. That’s not ideal, of course.

Implementation recommendation

Simply expand the roundStart game event to include information on what side (ATK or DEF) the player is playing. Thus:


Or alternatively trigger an event at the start of round 7 (first overtime round) with something like:


Technical recommendation

Pull from running process’ memory, I guess?

Feature potential

I have to admit, this is a pretty darn niche need. I’m probably the only developer ever to use it. :slight_smile:

Possibility of exploiting

None. It’s all public information for all players in the match.

@eransharv You didn’t ask for this topic, but just in case:

The rating for this FR for my app is low.
I have a workaround that works fairly well.

OK we will disccuess that internally and let you know. Thanks!

@Bl0n We will add it to our backlog and update you here.


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