Add MMR to player info

  • Feature Description:

RL uses MMR for match ranking. When providing player info events, within the roster or player joined events, or wherever else, it would be very helpful to include that player’s MMR. This MMR can be used to determine the player’s rank, which helps us better match people together in subsequent matches, as well as to verify how much should be expected from a player at that level (to help account for smurfing).

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There are no programmatic APIs for looking up RL ranks, so this is high priority for us. Until we have it, or something like it, providing good opponent suggestions will be very difficult.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

Hi and thanks for the feedback.
We will discuss the matter internally. Usually, it takes a few days. We will update you here.


@itayG adding you to the discussion.

Hey @jeaye, can you please send us an image that shows this info in-game?

The MMR is used to calculate the player’s rank, which is typically shown as an image, as well as text in some cases.

The MMR numbers are shown in the lead boards:

The ranks and divisions are shown during public match queuing and post-match.

Software like BakkesMod reads these numbers from RL directly. Ideally OW can do the same.

Feature request was added to our backlog.

OLP has partnered with RLStats to accomplish this, since we needed it for our soft launch over two months ago. While OLP doesn’t need the MMR from OW anymore, it would still be a good addition for other devs using OW with RL.