Add window name to process name in task manager


Not sure if this is at all possible, but it would be really helpful to be able to know which process in the task manager is associated to which app window, especially to debug performance and resource usage issue.


Hi Sebastian,
All your App’s windows run in the same OverwolfBrowser process - so this is not possible.
If you want more info on the ad process of your app - you can use Overwolf’s task manager (accessible from the tray menu/dev options)

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I’m just adding that we also have the process_name manifest flag. It does not tell you about windows, but it will help you distinguish between apps…

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I’ve just set it (next to the extra-objects) but it didn’t seem to have any effect, even after completely restarting Overwolf. All processes in the Task Manager are still named OverwolfBrowser

@sebastientromp make sure that you set it in the right place:

  1. Open the manifest.json file and add "process_name": "Test process name testttt1234" in the data object. (e.g., the externally_connectable level).

  2. In development options (Packages) disable then re-enable Firestone.

  3. Launch Firestone and go to %localappdata%\Overwolf\ProcessCache > open the tested client version folder > click on the firestone uid (lnknbakkpommmjjdnelmfbjjdbocfpnpbkijjnob).

You should see the saved process:

  1. Launch Firestone and open the Windows Task Manager > Details and search for “Test process name testtttt1234”

@sebastientromp note that I’m closing the ticket as the original question was answered:

But don’t worry, I’m not locking it - we can continue the discussion here on other matters, like the process_name flag.

Hey Eran, thanks! So in fact the process properly appears with the app name (Firestone) in the Details tab, but not the Processes overview of the Task Manager.

Thanks :slight_smile: