Additional game events and game info for Rainbow Six Siege

  • Feature Description:
    For creating a statistics app for Rainbow Six: Siege the following fields would be helpful:
  • Current Map name
  • Client-side known operators
  • Kill/death location (roomname)
  • Killer location (roomname)
  • Defuser planted timestamp (in match time)
  • Time left in match
  • Death time stamp (in match time)
  • Site name, if known to client
  • Banned operators
  • Current player location (room name)
  • Alive/dead players in round
  • Entire kill feed
  • Player scanned by drone/cam

With these extra fields the app we’re writing would able to predict certain actions or events.
For example if you always die in Room A on Map B around the 1 minute mark to a roamer the app would advice you to take a different route if a certain defending operator is in the match and is scanned.

  • impact for my app: mid

  • What is your current pain point? Currently with the available overwolf data we can’t make any predictions. This will allow a player to get better and learn from his/her (in-game) mistakes

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    Adding the the fields mentioned above to GameEvents or GameInfo.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

@edememinov sorry for the delay and welcome to our community!
I will examine this request in-depth at the beginning of the next week, and let you know.


Hey Edem,

Sorry for the late reply!
Can you go over the R6 events and check if this is still relevant?


Hi. I’m closing the ticket due to a lack of resposne. Please feel free to mention me if it’s still relevant. Thanks

@eransharv Hi. I am currently working on an application that would make use of these informations. Some additional features would be great :

  • With the entire kill feed, it would be good to add the weapon that killed the player
  • The complete scoreboard on score updates (at least the one from local player’s team)
  • The list of the squad members (or a way to get them)


Hi @Gildur,

Can you please create a new feature request with all your missing features?
Please tell us the highest priority from your side and what is the lowest to help us prioritize.


Hi @eransharv,
Thanks for your answer. The topic is created, with a condensed list, and corresponding priority as requested.
Link here: [Rainbow Six Siege] Additionnal game events and game info

Thanks a lot.