Additional info for starcraft2

Related games: Starcraft2

Feature description:

Add new information to events and info_updates:

  1. current scv supply and current army suply (you can see it on hover supply icon at ther right top corner)
  2. current opponent race (you can see it if click on ther top right corner players icon)
  3. minimap alert (appears wher somthing happens on the minimap)

Impact for my app: low/mid

For now you have to hover right corner icon to see current scv and army supply. It’s very inconvenient, especially for low level players.
Also when somthing happens on the minimap most players doesn’t pay attention on that, because alert is small and inconspicuous.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


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Hey @LionsGate,

Thank you for submitting your request, However, after careful thought, we’ve decided to focus on other requests.
We encourage you to keep suggesting ideas and appreciate your efforts to help us improve our framework.