Additional LEP logs

Feature Description:
I would like LEP to have more logs, to help me investigate cases where LEP detects an event but my app doesn’t receive it.
Basically I would like LEP to logs in its logs file when events are registered/unregistered by the app, and, when receiving an event, the number of listeners registered for this event.

An example of this would be:
Instead of
[InfoDBContainer] UPDATING INFO (decoded): {"feature":"lobby_info","category":"lobby_info","key":"queueId","value":-1}

I would like to have
[InfoDBContainer] UPDATING INFO (decoded): {"feature":"lobby_info","category":"lobby_info","key":"queueId","value":-1} - 0 listeners for this event

impact for my app:

What is your current pain point?
Investigating bug with LEP events not sent to the app is pretty hard.

What do you have in mind to solve it?
See above

Currently the events registration is per “feature” (which includes a few events/info-updates). Will it be enough for you to know which features were registered by the app?

@trebonius0, can you please answer Itay’s suggestion?

my understanding is that there are 2 stuffs: registering for features, and then adding listeners.

and in fact, i would like, wjen an event is detected, to see whether there is a listerner regsitered (i’m not sure if the event appear if it’s not registered for)

Hi @trebonius0 ,

Per event (GEP+LEP) registration is already planned for the future (no ETA though).
I will go ahead and close this FR with your permission.