Advanced Subscriptions - Variable Plans & Durations

Overwolf subscriptions documentation: “Currently, each app can only have one plan, but in the future multiple plans will be possible, each with different own feature sets.”
Trello todo: Trello

  • Feature Description: Allowing options for different, or multiple, subscriptions plans, and to also have custom durations rather than just month to month

  • Impact for my app: high

  • What is your current pain point? We sold over $30,000 in preorders for subscriptions around having two different subscription plans (gaming with friends, dating), and a combo plan, with durations for monthly, 3 months, 12 months, and lifetime. Any support around these features, even partial, will be helpful. Subscriptions are very important to monetization and having flexibility here can lead to a lot more revenue from users. I think it’s pretty important to add.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it? We either need to change what we are doing with hundreds of users to just have a monthly plan and build a custom system to support them, or have additional separate subscription options on our web and mobile apps outside of the Overwolf system

I second this wholeheartedly! This multi-plan feature keeps getting pushed back every quarter and my users keep asking for it. Right now we only have a monthly subscription plan available.

I want to add a yearly plan because a) it is more convenient for users and b) it leads to higher revenue (one time purchase vs a monthly subscriber opportunity to churn every single month).

I have no idea about the difficulty to implement, but I would think this is just incremental revenue for you guys. More money in the pockets of app developers means more money in your pockets too.

Could you pleeease implement this in time for Black Friday? It would be an incredible opportunity to offer people a sale on yearly subscriptions at a 40% discount.