Allow local targets in externally_connectable

Feature Description

I’d like to send data from an Overwolf app to a local home automation service. However externally_connectable requires to define hostnames with wildcards.

It would be great if there would be a way to allow the app to connect to local services in class A, B and C nets or add a wildcard for the .local special TLD

Impact for my app

What is your current pain point?
I currently have to force users to connect their local home automation instance through a cloud service that adds latency and unnecessary internet traffic.

What do you have in mind to solve it?

  • Add an option locally_connectable to the manifest that allows connections to class A, B and C net ip addresses
  • Allow https://*.local as a valid entry for externally_connectable


Just wanted to make sure - what is the exact issue currently? More specifically, are you sure that the app is currently being blocked from accessing those addresses? Or is it able to access them, but lacks certain permissions? And if so, what exact error is it giving?

Thanks for the heads up. I was assuming that it won’t work as the documentation refers to CORS headers and they don’t allow wildcards.

However I just tested it by adding http://*.local to my externally_connectable list in the manifest and i can connect to local servers.

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