[Apex Legends] Add game events while in Firing Range and Training

Derived from previous post: [Apex Legends] No data while in Firing Range

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Apex Legends

Feature Description:

  • Steps:

    1. Start Apex Legends
    2. Select “Firing Range” or “Training
    3. Start Match
  • Expected Behavior
    All Apex Legends game events and info updates should be triggered, as if the player were in a real match.

  • Current Behavior
    No game events or info updates are shown; apart from the a match roster update.

Impact for my app:

What is your current pain point?

  • Would greatly help with development. While the Game Events Simulator or my custom-made events simulator greatly help to speed up the development process, they do not help with debugging or understanding some GEP quirks or what in particular triggers specific game events.
  • I plan on having a sort of “Tutorial” and/or “Setup Mode” for the player to modify certain HUD elements while in the “Firing Range” and “Training” modes. I am unable to accomplish it without this feature.

What do you have in mind to solve it?
All game events and info updates should act exactly the same as a real in-game match.

The only issue I can potentially see is for apps that track damage/kills/knockdowns would then start tracking this data. However it can be easily mitigated by using the “game_mode”, and filter out events only from matches that do not include “#PL_FIRINGRANGE” or “#PL_TRAINING”.

Hi @MasterKriff ,

Are you familiar with our game events simulator? I think you will find it useful fot this case:

I DM’d you the download link.


Thank you for that @eransharv.
That covers half of the use-cases that I’m looking for: I plan on having a sort of “Tutorial” and/or “Setup Mode” for the player to modify certain HUD elements while in the “ Firing Range ” and “ Training ” modes.

Also the Game Events Simulator does not currently inject the correct game-data.
After checking against live game-data, almost all events appear to be miscategorized under “Event”, when they should be listed as “Info-Update”

“me” → “name”
“match_info” → “game_mode”
“match_info” → “pseudo_match_id”
“match_info” → “tabs”
“match_state” → “match_end”
“inventory” → “inUse”
“inventory” → “inventory”
“inventory” → “weapons”
“damage” → “totalDamageDealt” → (and also should be under the “me” event)
“roster” → “roster”
“location” → “location”
“rank” → “victory”
“team” → “legendSelect”
“team” → “teammate”
“team” → “team_info”

Thanks for your reply!

@MasterKriff, thanks for reporting this bug. We will fix it soon and released a fixed version. In the current version, the info updates are not working, and more issues. We will fix it and let you know.


I can confirm that the issue has been resolved, and the events and info updates are displaying correctly in the game events simulator.

Regarding the requested support in the Firing range and Training game modes: Currently there is no ETA for implementing this feature.