[Apex Legends] Add game events while in Firing Range and Training

Derived from previous post: [Apex Legends] No data while in Firing Range

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Apex Legends

Feature Description:

  • Steps:

    1. Start Apex Legends
    2. Select “Firing Range” or “Training
    3. Start Match
  • Expected Behavior
    All Apex Legends game events and info updates should be triggered, as if the player were in a real match.

  • Current Behavior
    No game events or info updates are shown; apart from the a match roster update.

Impact for my app:

What is your current pain point?

  • Would greatly help with development. While the Game Events Simulator or my custom-made events simulator greatly help to speed up the development process, they do not help with debugging or understanding some GEP quirks or what in particular triggers specific game events.
  • I plan on having a sort of “Tutorial” and/or “Setup Mode” for the player to modify certain HUD elements while in the “Firing Range” and “Training” modes. I am unable to accomplish it without this feature.

What do you have in mind to solve it?
All game events and info updates should act exactly the same as a real in-game match.

The only issue I can potentially see is for apps that track damage/kills/knockdowns would then start tracking this data. However it can be easily mitigated by using the “game_mode”, and filter out events only from matches that do not include “#PL_FIRINGRANGE” or “#PL_TRAINING”.

Hi @MasterKriff ,

Are you familiar with our game events simulator? I think you will find it useful fot this case:

I DM’d you the download link.


Thank you for that @eransharv.
That covers half of the use-cases that I’m looking for: I plan on having a sort of “Tutorial” and/or “Setup Mode” for the player to modify certain HUD elements while in the “ Firing Range ” and “ Training ” modes.

Also the Game Events Simulator does not currently inject the correct game-data.
After checking against live game-data, almost all events appear to be miscategorized under “Event”, when they should be listed as “Info-Update”

“me” → “name”
“match_info” → “game_mode”
“match_info” → “pseudo_match_id”
“match_info” → “tabs”
“match_state” → “match_end”
“inventory” → “inUse”
“inventory” → “inventory”
“inventory” → “weapons”
“damage” → “totalDamageDealt” → (and also should be under the “me” event)
“roster” → “roster”
“location” → “location”
“rank” → “victory”
“team” → “legendSelect”
“team” → “teammate”
“team” → “team_info”

Thanks for your reply!

@MasterKriff, thanks for reporting this bug. We will fix it soon and released a fixed version. In the current version, the info updates are not working, and more issues. We will fix it and let you know.