[Apex Legends] Add "localPlayerLegendSelect" event

In Outplayed, we would like to know which character did I (the player) pick.
Currently, the only solution to do so is crossing between 2 events: legendSelect_X & me
We would like to have a simpler solution by receiving an event called localPlayerLegendSelect .
Assuming that other apps may face that struggle it could help us & them listen to a single event instead of several (enhanced performance for everyone)

(name of the event could obviously be different, I just followed your convention)

impact: low

@shir.brass thanks. I will discuess that internally and let you know.

@shir.brass after internal discussion, we currently decided to reject it, due to limited resources and because we have a workaround.
Please feel free to DM me about it if you like.

the problem is that the workaround isn’t working consistently (as described here)

from our perspective, all we need is an indication about the local player.
But! if the legendSelect would work properly, we can do the workaround as you said and not look in other places

@shir.brass hi, I agree that the basic term to continue with the suggested workaround is that the legendSelect event will work as expected… So let’s focus on that path.

Shargaas replied in the mentioned ticket with detailed instructions on how to use a particular version of the plugin that will help us to collect essential debug data. Since then, the GEP was updated; please request him on the other ticket, an updated version, and follow the instruction.

Let’s continue the discussion on the other ticket.


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