[Apex Legends][Arena] Victory is triggered in a specific scenario & prevents us from detecting additional highlights

Related Games: Apex Legends (Arena mode)
Issue Description:
when playing arena, there’s a scenario that can cause a bizzare chain of events:

  1. You were revived is triggred when the round ends - which kind of happens since the game revives you from the knocked down state
  2. Victory is triggered
  3. Any kill/death/ knockouts events that happens from this point on will not be triggered by GEP until the match ends
    Highlight #Apex Legends | Captured by #Outplayed

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): Yes

  1. Enter arena match
  2. Get knocked out out by the enemy & don’t die
  3. Have your squad kill all the opponents until you achieve round victory

Impact for my app: medium (~11K DAU)
Do you currently have a workaround? No

OverwolfLogs_2021-06-23_13-35-13.zip (1.1 MB)

Hey @shir.brass ,

We’ll work on reproducing it and see when / if this requires a fix within the next few days. Thanks for the report.

Hey shir,

I managed to recreate the scenario you described but the bug itself did not occur to me.
I’ll try a few more times to see if it can actually happens but if 2-3 more times it doesn’t happen i will have to more forward with other tasks.

Do you want a plugin for yourself to try and catch it if you’re playing apex on occasion?

It could be that the latest release of the apex GEP plugin fixed things around.
I’ll revalidate if it still happens to us and update you if anything changed

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Sounds like a solid plan.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you :+1:t2:

tested again and It still occurs

screenshot of timeline:

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2021-07-01_18-40-47.zip (702.1 KB)

Hey shir,

So we managed to reproduce this scenario with a debugging plugin, and after our devs took a look it seems that apparently the way you win a round in arena mode works the same way as it does when you win a battle royale mode.

In conclusion: If the local player’s team is the one left standing, the game itself considers you to “win” in the BR “victory” sense.
So unfortunately, this is more of a feature of apex itself in the way they designed arena in the game, rather than a bug with the game events.

Unless there’s anything else for us to help you with, I’ll be closing the ticket.

I understand your answer and the technical explanation behind it.

however, our main issue is this:

We can live with the “false report” of victory, but other events should still trigger properly afterwards.

As was discussed with you, we might have a possible solution to this.
We’re working on a fix and will try to release it asap.

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is there any update?

Hey @shir.brass ,

Not a huge one, but I can tell you that our team has started working on the solution yesterday, so hopefully a fix should be coming best case scenario today and worse-case next week.

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Phasing the new fix now.

Keep us updated if it’s solved.

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I can confim that the issue is resolved
Thank you very much!