Apex Legends "charge_rifle" and "lstar" are not presented in player weapon events

Issue Description: “charge_rifle” and “lstar” are not presented in player weapons events (but they are presented in the kill_feed)
Steps to reproduce: try to pick up Charge Rifle or L-Star in the game
Impact for my app: mid

@Dmitry thanks for your commnet.
@Shargaas can you please check and confirm?

Hey @Dmitry,

Thanks for reporting this. I’m scheduled to make a full sanity test for Apex very soon. Sit tight, I hope I’ll be back very soon with an update regarding this.

unfortunately, we get this data from the game, and the kill feed weapon name is sometimes different from the inventory weapon names.

Please tell us if you have any further questions.


Yes, we know that they are different but my question is that some weapons are not presented at all in player’s weapon list (empty row returned when you use lstar or charge riffle). Seems like Overwolf’s weapon list is just not updated with the 2nd and 3rd season.

@Shargaas can you please check this issue?

Hey Dmitry,

According to our sample app, when I picked up the charge rifle I did get the following event:

Is the specific problem for you is the fact that this weapon is not counted within the “inventory” feature?

due lack of response, i’m changing the status of this ticket to status:closed.
If you want to re-open it, please change the status to status:in-process.