Apex Legends events completly stop if overwolf is being relaunched while game is already open

Issue Description:
When restarting overwolf while apex is already open, events will stop being handed even if registration to GEP was successful.
seen it in our app, checked it with the game summary log as well - same behavior
getinfo returns with this:
@ /js/services/games/apex/apex-service.js:117:23 | [APEX SERVICE] Got GAME INFO: {“success”:false,“status”:“error”,“reason”:“Fail retrieve data.”}
and no real time events being handed there after

Impact for my app: mid

1.open apex, check everything is working fine and events are being generated (Firing range will do to received some basic ones).
2. kill the overwolf process (task bar exit).
3. relaunch overwolf.
4. open apex ready app (game summary will do).
5. behold.

only being fixed for me after killing Apex and relaunching both.

Sorry about the massive delay in my answer - my filter “missed” this ticket.

For your question - it’s a known issue - that “second injection” is not working sometimes on Apex. It’s not a typical scenario, so it’s currently a low priority. We might handle this issue in the future, but no ETA for that.


Is there any update on this? It is still an issue

Hi, We are currently focusing on higher demand features. but thanks for the reminder. I’ll try to push it.