Apex legends - "game events are disabled for this game"

one of our users cannot use the app (Predator) (the only app he has on OW)
the app does get rendered in the game - but no events.
looking on the GEP logs -
2021-01-21 13:33:42,769 (INFO) </games/service/PluginHandler.js> (:139) - [APEX LEGENDS SERVICE] game events are disabled for this game

verified with him that it checked on - tried off - restart - on - restart - reinstall to OW - start as adming - all the voodoo stuff… nothing :frowning:
always the same…

if you need to communicate with the user directly he is on our Discord channel


very techy so debug is easy with him…

need a little help here :slight_smile:

OverwolfLogs_2021-01-21_13-55-51 (1).zip (319.0 KB)

Please ask the user if he’s running a Windows Insider OS (Overwolf doesn’t support these Windows versions)

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will do! ill update once I have an answer

seems as if you hit the spot…
learning something new everyday :smiley:
thx Itay, you guys never let us or the users down!

Closing the ticket :slight_smile: