Apex Legends "inUse" and "MatchSummary" events are not working correctly

Issue Description: Apex Legends “inUse” and “MatchSummary” events are not working correctly
Steps to reproduce: try to catch “inUse” or “MatchSummary”.
Impact for my app: high
InUse events are only returning some events about ultimate of the hero

{“info”:{“me”:{“inUse”:"{“inUse”:“Rolling Thunder”}"}},“feature”:“inventory”}

@Dmitry It’s a known issue, we are working to fix it, the ETA for the fix is the beginning of the next week.
Thanks for your patience!

@itayG FYI

@Dmitry unfortunately due the holiday season here, we re-prioritize all the open tasks, so expect for some delay with the fix of this issue. sorry for the inconvenience.

@eransharv any update on an ETA for the fix? This is impacting our app as well.

Hey @Julmust,
It’s planned for this week however we are backed up a bit with a few urgent Fortnite issues.
At worst, it’ll be handled with by mid-next week.

@Julmust an update: we are working on it. Hopefully it will be released today. If not, till the end of the week.

@eransharv @Shargaas are these events already fixed?
By the events status - https://overwolf.github.io/docs/status/apex seems like not :cold_sweat:

They are still not fixed unfortunately :frowning:

They are still in our priority list and hopefully soon.

is there any new ETA?

We’re working on it at the present moment (this week), so hopefully by the end of this week fingers crossed.

@eransharv @Julmust

All the issues here were fixed except for “inUse” which will be fixed at a later date.

@Julmust With your permission, I will close the ticket now. So it will not popup in my searches (as the inUse fix may take some time)…
But i will update it when the inUse will be fixed.


@eransharv ticket wasn’t logged by me (I just had the same issue) but it’s fine to close it by me. We’re “only” using the matchsummary event atm anyway

@Julmust thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: