Apex Legends local_player_name missing from kill_feed

Sometimes (when user bleed’s out for example might be on others as well) the local_player_name is missing from the kill_feed event

example log line:

{"name":"kill_feed","data":"{\r\n  \"attackerName\": \"0Mandragor0\",\r\n  \"victimName\": \"Lcasm\",\r\n  \"weaponName\": \"Bleed Out\",\r\n  \"action\": \"Bleed Out\"\r\n}"}

I will check it and update you. Thanks.

Can you please tell me what exactly do you want to achieve?


@eransharv i’m using the killfeed to count how much kills with which “weapon” are made by the player. so im basically doing something like this:

if (local_player_name === attackerName) { //do stuff }

this works well for most weapons, but since local_player_name is not preset constitent this will not work for Bleed Out etc.

One of my goals is to make a chart on how much percentage of the kills a player made where caused by Bleed Out vs shooting them when downed

Is this info is displayed in the game UI? as the API will give you only the names that are displayed in the game UI.


isn’t local_player_name supposed to be always the name of the player who’s playing (me).
attackerName and victimName are displayed in game but idk where local_player_name comes from in the first place… i thought that’s something you’ll append to the event on your side and just missed it on a few occasions.

According to the docs: https://overwolf.github.io/docs/api/overwolf-games-events-apex-legends#kill_feed it should be reported which it is for most of the weapons but not when the player is just bleeding out etc

@mutschler it looks like this ticket was lost and found… we are very sorry about that!
I want to followup on this and understand if it is still relevant or if you find a workaround.

I can think of a possible workaround to save the local
player’s name at the beginning of the match. Later, you will be able to use it and compare it to the attackerName in the kill_feed event

Please tell me if I can close the ticket or not. thanks

I am closing the ticket due to a lack of response.
If it’s still relevant or has anything to add - please mention me here, and I’ll re-open it.