Apex Legends - Location event sample rate is inconsistent

Issue Description:
Our app relies heavily on the location data. In the documentation it says that “Location is polled up to two times in 1 second” but we’ve found this to be very inconsistent. We often see location being reported multiple times in a ~10ms time span and the next report is then delayed by 1+ seconds. In the attached logs one such occurrence can be found on lines 320-323

Steps to reproduce:
Happens during normal usage, we have been unable to find a way to trigger this behavior.

Impact for my app: high as it makes for a poor user experience

overwolf-log.zip (6.2 KB)

We are very sorry but But this ticket “fell through the cracks” and got lost in the system.
I’m closing it now. If it’s still relevant, please mention to me, and I’ll re-open it.