Apex Legends match_summary not firing consistently

Issue Description:
At the end of the game we expect to see a match_summary event. However, the event is not firing consistently after the end of a game. Sometimes as low as in 1 out of 10 test games played. We are receiving events, such as match_end, but very rarely the match_summary event.

Not sure why but it seems like this is hardware dependent somehow? The event fires more frequently (still not consistently) on another devs computer.

Steps to reproduce:
Play a game of Apex, check the console logs afterward. Match_end is received but not match_summary. Could be that you’ll have to play a few games depending on your luck.

Impact for my app: mid, as we’re not getting placement our app doesn’t work as intended.

OverwolfLogs_2019-12-13_20-45-45.zip (3.0 MB)

Hey guys,

I should probably disclaim a few guidelines regarding the end of game events we have:

  1. match_summary usually comes along together with the actual stats screen of the match which gives each players’ damage amount done etc…

  2. If you jump straight out to the lobby after dying (and before your teammates) it could also skip that event.

  3. There is also a small issue currently when it comes to exiting the game while knocked out and not being dead + also when your entire squad did not die, resulting in no “match_end”.

I hope these clear out some of the scenarios in which this happens to you.

If it persists beyond these scenarios then reply and let me know exactly when it doesn’t fire and i’ll investigate.

Thanks for the answer. Quick follow up question based on your answers:
If I exit out of a match(/lobby) right after my entire team has died (so as soon as you get the text that says “Squad eliminated” or something similar in-game), should I expect match_summary and match_end events?

I forgot to check the logs but had this happen earlier, and I don’t think I got either of those two events. If they’re expected I should be able to reproduce the issue fairly quickly.

To my recollection - if your entire squad had died and you waited for the game’s summary screen, you should receive that even from Overwolf as well.

If you exited quickly and skipped the summary screen you probably will have cases where it’s missed from your overwolf output.

Regarding match_end - if memory serves you should still receive that event without any problem as long as all the squad had died.