[Apex Legends] No data while in Firing Range

Related Games:
Apex Legends

Issue Description:
Any and all events are ignored by GEP while in the Firing Range or Training Grounds, making it incredibly difficult to develop apps without arduously starting up a new game to develop, test, or debug new features.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Start Apex Legends
  2. Select “Firing Range
  3. Start Match

Impact for my app:
Mid to large; Debugging and development is stunted.

Do you currently have a workaround?:
No - other than completely starting up a real match, waiting for legend selection, champion screen, dropship, and then dropping into the game. Loading up a real new game can take several minutes, and because of the nature of Battle Royal games, it does not guarantee the situation needed to debug; for example, finding and accounting for Overwolf GEP quirks. Quirks such as the Inventory Info Update providing the in-game inventory item number instead of it’s name, eg: {“info”:{“me”:{“inventory_4”:{“name”:“158”,“amount”:“1”}}},“feature”:“inventory”} or other quirks like large damageAmounts (larger than 50) cause the initial damage event’s “armor” property to be false.

Overwolf_GEP.zip (2.3 KB)

I appreciate any help with this!


Thanks for reporting. We’ll take a look at this and give you an update shortly.

Hey again @MasterKriff ,

So officially, we do not support the events in the firing range and that’s why they aren’t working.
If it’s imperative for you to have events in that mode, please take a minute to submit a feature request in the feature request section of this website and according to prioritization we can accept or reject it.

Unless there’s anything else that you wish to ask and / or require, I will close this ticket.

However since it sounds like you need assistance to develop the app I think that using our sample app would do the trick to help you out with firing the proper events and seeing the output you need to use.
I will tag @eransharv here.
Eran could you please provide this developer with our event simulator?


Sure i will DM you a link to the simulator shortly.

Hi. I sent it. Thanks.