[Apex Legends] Non-usable inventory info name

Related Games:
Apex Legends

Issue Description:
The Inventory Info Update API provides only a number (assuming to be an in-game inventory item number) rather than any consumable or easily identifiable piece of information.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Start Apex Legends
  2. Select any Game Mode
  3. Start Match
  4. Pick up any non-weapon inventory item
  5. Look at the “info.me.inventory_x” info update

Impact for my app:
Low - Mid

Do you currently have a workaround?:
No - Other than painstakingly load into a live match, categorize & sift through every possible inventory item in the game, and then map the inventory item based on the id provided. However this is an insurmountable amount of effort as there are 200+ inventory identifiers.

I appreciate any help with this!

Overwolf_Log.zip (86.5 KB)
First instance of “inventory” at timestamp: 2021-04-05 11:12:07,140

Hey again,

We’ll look into it and get back to you tomorrow morning.

Hey again,

We’ll make the changes and updates for the inventory mapping within a month or so.

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Hi, are there any updates on this?


Unfortunately I don’t have an update as of yet. Will check into it and try to get back to you shortly.

If anybody in the community has done the mapping, it might be a good idea to possibly share a google spreadsheet or something that everybody can edit and update with the correct mapping. Can be exported to JSON FWIW.

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@DanielSmith1239, That is a great idea, but it will also require some development. Currently, we are focusing on high-priority features, which is why it takes a long time.
We appreciate your patience; we are trying to do our best to fulfill all the requests.


Are there any updates on this, or is there an eta? I would put the time in and manually do the mapping, but I’m concerned that the mapping will change between updates and there would be no point.

This is a pretty large road block for me, as a key feature of my app needs to be able to have human-readable inventory names instead of just numbers.

From our end, I will try to push it to a higher priority.
From your end, if it’s a road blocker for you, go on the mapping solution. I don’t think that it will change every update. I think it might change once a season. So if you will implement your answer on a conversion table with all the mapping - it can be easily updated next season.


Adding on to this, some weapons and legend tactical/ultimate abilities have non-usable names as well.

Can you say which weapons / tacticals?

Sorry for the late reply, just saw this. The names are usable, but they need to be converted to be user-friendly. For example, a name like “mp_weapon_mortar_ring” doesn’t really mean anything to the user, so the overlay developer needs to figure out the mapping to each cryptically-named ability (or sometimes weapon, for example “energy_ar”) by playing every gun and using every ability and checking manually.