[Apex Legends] player name is now missing club name

Heya, an update was released yesterday night, after which the “me → name” info update stopped including the club name.

pre update
2022-06-21 18:02:27,663 (INFO) </libs/bundle.min.js> (:1) - [InfoDBContainer] UPDATING INFO (decoded): {“feature”:“me”,“category”:“me”,“key”:“name”,“value”:“[TST]buzapex3”}

post update
2022-06-22 02:38:57,425 (INFO) </libs/bundle.min.js> (:1) - [APEX PLUGIN] Hud parser created for player: buzapex3
2022-06-22 02:38:57,426 (INFO) </libs/bundle.min.js> (:1) - [InfoDBContainer] UPDATING INFO (decoded): {“feature”:“me”,“category”:“me”,“key”:“name”,“value”:“buzapex3”}

you can see the player name received before was [TST]buzapex3
now it is just buzapex3

It means the game does not return the club name anymore. As far as I know, Overwolf never added club names by purpose.

Fair enough, even though i suspect that the entire agenda (facing developers) of Overwolf was to normalize raw game data into easy to use (and again, normalized) events for the developers to concentrate on content creation rather than chasing game build changes…

Ill still wait for an OW member to raise a white flag before we implement fixes on our DB\Client though.

Hello boazrl, thank you for the feedback. Like surgeon said it seems your ingame name only displays the club tag instead of the club name now.
image {“feature”:“me”,“category”:“me”,“key”:“name”,“value”:“[321]JacksAtWork”}

If the club name is an important feature for your application we could look into obtaining it using a different method but it will take some time.

Hey Jacks, the issue was that the tag itself was missing completely i.e the value would just be JacksAtWork instead of [321]JacksAtWork but later on other events like champ select it would include the tag, it already resolved itself 2-3 days after the update so all is good :slight_smile:
thx for the reply

I see, thanks for the update :slight_smile: