Apex Legends - (S13 update)

hey guys, first of - thx for having the Apex events back up so quickly after the update, most of them are working, but two critical ones are blocking us from enabling the app (Predator).

major issues still existing:

  1. tabs parsing is offset, damage is being read as kills, squad position as spectators - and so on.


I guess you can figure i did not kill 327 people :smiley:

  1. the damage event (and i believe the info update as well) is still not working, the one which lets you know if your hit is shield dmg \ health dmg \ headshot etc… just doesn’t show up in the GEP log at all

rest of the events seemed to be working pretty well.

Hey @boazrl,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll update you here once these issues are resolved.

Hello again @boazrl, these issues are resolved.

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