[Apex Legends] Some events are not available when a local squad is eliminated

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Apex Legends

Issue description:
When the local player squad is eliminated, match_end is fired immediately now. Previously, it was not fired in this case at all. It was fired only when a local player left a match.

With this issue, kill_feed is never fired anymore if the local player squad is eliminated. Previously, you could get kill_feed events while spectating other squads.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Join a match.
  2. Get your squad eliminated.
  3. match_end will be fired right away. kill_feed and other events will not be available while spectating.

Impact for my app:
High. It does not allow to track events in the spectator mode. Also, some of the app windows appear before a user leaves a match because of this issue. This behavior was not intended.

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Also, I see now that these two events are fired in the spectator mode:

{"name":"damage","data":"{\r\n  \"targetName\": \"Guennix\",\r\n  \"damageAmount\": \"63.000000\",\r\n  \"armor\": \"false\",\r\n  \"headshot\": \"false\"\r\n}"}

I believe it was fixed long time ago and it is broken again.

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One more issue:
match_summary is not available if you leave a match while your squad is still active.

That specifically (the match_summary) is a known problem that is difficult to solve since match_summary is fired when the data is given from the game after the squad is eliminated.

We unfortunately can’t grant this information if a player decides to leave for the lobby prior to his squad being eliminated.

Will comment on the rest soon.


I’m adding the request for using kill_feed events post-death to our priority list. I can’t grant an ETA as to when we will get to this, but at least know that it’s on our radar.