Apex `match_summary` events not getting fired

Related Games: Apex Legends
Issue Description: In Apex Legends most of the time match_summary info update is not getting fired. Checked it with both my app and OW sample app. Tried reinstalling OW, restarting and all that stuff - it doesnt help.
Steps to reproduce: Launch OW sample app for Apex -> Play Apex game -> Go to devtools and check logs -> Filter by match_summary -> see that no event was fired (if event was fired for the first game -> clear logs -> try again)
Attached screenshots show that i have match_end event, but no match_summary

Impact for my app: high
Do you currently have a workaround? Nope

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
OverwolfLogs_2020-09-08_11-29-11.zip (820.3 KB)
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs - around 11AM local time, 08 Sep

@roquefore I see the GEP logs but in the ZIP that you attached i can’t find the Apex sample app logs.

Oh, ye, i had a bit of a problem uploading sample app as it is (OW wasnt allowing to uload, telling that this is an app from untrusted author or smth like that), so i changed app name and author to my app’s :sweat_smile:

You can find sample app logs in zip -> Buff Achievement Tracker -> index.html.log

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So we did a quick test to see if it’s true, and this is not reproduced yet.

This is our output:


can tell you generally speaking that I think this type of thing might happen when you exit the game very fast: If my memory is correct, match_summary relies on the end-game stat window, so it’s possible when people play several sessions sometimes they skip everything very quickly to enter the next match, so this “could” be the situation here, but not 100% guaranteed.

Oh, i see now what was that.Tested it out and ye - event is fired only when endgame banners appear and i used just to click “Return to lobby” very fast.
I guess, issue may be closed now.
Thanks for helping!

One more thing - is it possible to start getting the same data about match results not only in match_summary, but also in match_ended event? This may help with cases when user (same as i did) doesnt wait for endgame banners

To get this specific data before the end-game stat window, it will require us to design this event from scratch. We can currently put it in the backlog, but it will be in low priority, as there is a low demand for that and no issues for most of the users.