App is not opening as overlay most of the time for a user

Related app/team name: Warzone Companion
Issue Description:

For me the overlay almost never works. Maybe 1/10th of the time when I open the game.
—can you see the main window outside the game?
yea it opens as separate window once I open the game but not overlay
Ok tried opening companion as admin; didn’t work unfortunately :confused:

the given window is in game only?
Usually would be better in game windows should flagged as in game only in manifest

It is not. This is a pretty rare report about such issues

from my experience, windows without particular desktop\in game only flags behave strangely and sometimes opens out of the game.


I want to understand exactly what the issue is.

  • Is the version of the app with the issue is live on the OW app store?
  • Are you able to reproduce it? can you tell me the exact steps to reproduce?
  • how many users complained about the issue?
  • do you have the user logs?


Yes, it is live. About 5-10 reports from users. I also created the same ticked a few weeks ago - Any Overwolf windows (dev-tools, fps-counter, our App) are not shown above Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game client when it is in focus - #25 by 1337
User logs are joined as a link in the first message
One more report:

Anyone have an issue where this won’t run when I load up cod? I can open it manually that’s fine but I can’t use the hot keys and the widget will show for a second when I minimise the game but not in game. And I can’t get it to show the in game lobby stats or use the hot key to bring it up I have to alt tab out the game to look at it and even then it’s not a live feed just my stats etc

i can say that there are more such reports in the last few days. Another logs:

Looks like a coexistence issue with MSIAfterBurner, @dana.feld what should we do here?

Looks like Overwolf is unable to render the overlay.

If there’s indeed a co-existence issue, It’s most likely with RivaTuner Statistics Server (we’ve had different conflicts with it). Since RivaTuner is bundled with MSI Afterburner, both of them will need to be closed in order to check if RivaTuner is indeed the culprit.

3 users said that turning off MSIAB fixed the problem. Waiting for other answers from them

I could help, we always suggest to turn off RivaTuner because fundamentally make Overwolf not working.

is there any way to detect if MSIAB is launched? There are a lot of reports about this so it might be much easier just to show some notification that the user might have some issues while MSIAB is working during the game

Looking at Windows processes using a C# plugin

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