App needs to be started twice

My app needs to be started twice for it to actually start. I’m still working with a heavily modified SampleApp. I’m not sure when that issue was introduced, I would need to go back in our git history to find out.

When modifying the code it used to restart automatically. Now it just closes and I need to explicitly launch it once to get my window. If I just close the app then I need to launch it twice to get my window. I must have broken something in the window management somehow…

Hi @Slion
Is it possible that you changed the “developer” settings in the manifest.json? (enable_auto_refresh)

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This is still on and it works apparently since it saves me to launch the app twice after an update, but I still need to launch it once :rofl:

    "developer": {
      "enable_auto_refresh": true,
      "reload_delay": 1000,
      "filter": "*.*"

All our testers can reproduce that issue. To make my life easier while I develop the app, I created a shortcut to launch it using those instructions.
Sure enough, same issue, I need to click it twice for it to work.
The first time I click it I get the Overwolf splashscreen with the progress bar that’s relatively slow. I need to wait for the progress bar to complete. Then I can click my shortcut again it gives me the splashscreen again but this time the progress bar is super fast and it starts the app instantly.

Our app is using a C# plug-in and some online JS resources too, maybe that could be relevant.

Porting the app to TypeScript fixed the issue.