Application crashes in idle state


Our team faced an issue with app crashes. We tried to investigate it, but with no luck.

I’m not sure if this issue is related to Overwolf platform or specifically to our app.

There’s no proper steps to reproduce this bug because app crashes in Idle state (not caused by user interactions).

I found a crash report message in logs (OverwolfBrowserError):

System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): External component has thrown an exception.
  at Xilium.CefGlue.Interop.libcef.execute_process(cef_main_args_t* args, cef_app_t* application, Void* windows_sandbox_info)
  at Xilium.CefGlue.CefRuntime.ExecuteProcess(CefMainArgs args, CefApp application, IntPtr windowsSandboxInfo)
  at CEFBrowserProcess.SubProcess.CEFSubProcess.Run()

this message is not located in our app log files, so I’m not sure what causes the problem. I have a theory that our custom C# plugin could cause it (memroy leaks or something like that)

Also there are several more error messages in other files, but I’m not sure that it’s related to our app crashes:


[1206/] handshake failed; returned -1, SSL error code 1, net_error -113
[1206/] handshake failed; returned -1, SSL error code 1, net_error -101


2020-12-07 11:11:41,993 (ERROR) [UI] <133.32MB> ExtensionWebApp - App crashed - WolftrainerApp


   "preview":"App crashed - WolftrainerApp",
   "dateTime":"07/12/2020 11:11:37.434",

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue, and we will update you here.


Thank you! Attaching logs file just in case if you’ll need it (3.3 MB)

Do you have anything under %localappdata%\Overwolf\User Data\Crashpad\reports ?

Yeah, we have 3 files there: (219.3 KB)

Sorry for the late response, we’ll check it and update you

@igor.shulgin please send us the same files, but with OW version 159 (the public one)

Hi, Itay
Finally we got that crash on a new version (162 and 159)
Here are 2 reports

report (1-06-2021).zip (173.1 KB) report (1-05-2021).zip (195.7 KB)

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It looks like you have a memory leak at this stage