Application deep links

  • Feature Description: An ability to open application from a browser using a link of a type overwolf-application://application_id
  • impact for my app: low
  • What is your current pain point? We would like to enable some website interactions for users who have an app already or other interactions for guys who dont have an app yet. (e.g. opening app’s leaderboard from a website or challenges, or opening app with some utm marks etc)

@roquefore thanks. We will discuess that internally and let you know.

@roquefore we added this to our backlog. We don’t have an ETA. but when the time will come, we will let you know, here.


Thanks, will be waiting!

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@roquefore hi, you can find the new feature in the latest developers channel. (v158.0.9).

Please let me know if everything is working as expected.