Auto-Launch "insights Capture" when i open "League of Legends"

I was wondering if it is possible to auto launch Overwolf and Insights Capture when i launch League of Legends.

Hey @DutchEmerald ,

Yes, you can set your app (using your manifest file) to launch automatically when a specific game is launched.


Got a few more questions;

  • Where can i find the file i need to edit? (there is no .JSON file in Root directory of Overwolf’s install location)
  • How do i find the Game_ID of League of Legends
  • does it matter where in the file the code is pasted?


The manifest file that you should add is not located in the OW installation folder. It’s under your app’s root folder (that can be in different places). I recommend you to watch some basic OW tutorials, like this one.

Here you can find the LoL game id and all the other LoL API.


I’m confused. do i have to write a whole app?
i thought it was just adding a few lines to an already existing file.

Sorry, I thought you talked about developing some features for an app (as this is the app developers forum). Anyway, you can set through the OW client UI to auto-launch the app when you launch lol (see image attached). But you can’t set that OW client will be launched when lol is launched.


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That should do