[Automation] Support Selenium for Overwolf Apps

We would like to start using selenium & chrome web driver in order to run automation on Outplayed.

Due to CORS limitations, it seems like I can’t inject some of the chrome drivers and therefore, I cannot navigate & control my app.


Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'overwolf-extension://cghphpbjeabdkomiphingnegihoigeggcfphdofo/libs/angular.min.js.map' from origin 'http://localhost:54284' has been blocked by CORS policy: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https.

After browsing online and looking for people with simillar issues, the solution i found online is to launch cef with the following chrome cli flag --disable-web-security

  1. What are the available solutions for selenium & UI Automation that Overwolf supports?
  2. is it possible to support the --disable-web-security flag?

we are open to any stable solution :slight_smile:

just pinging this to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed

@shir.brass I will have to consult the R&D team for that. I will let you know.

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@shir.brass We need to understand how important is it for your team. We have a lot of FR’s from Outplayed, and we need to prioritize. (anyway, we need also to check this issue with the R&D).

I moved the status to “Accepted.” But it might be temporarily… Just notify.

Hi @eransharv, this request is a top priority for us as we want to move foreword with our automation efforts - this is a blocker for any further progress in this area as we are unable to get Selenium to run.

Note that if there is any workaround or a different solution for automation that you know of, we are open for suggestions.


@shir.brass I understand that you are checking if the debug_url flag can solve the issue.
Please update.

we’ll give it a shot, by I do think that a proper guide or a proper sample app for “setting up OW app Automation” could be beneficial to a lot of devs

I brought (e2e test) automation up 3 years ago. Maybe Overwolf could start spending some resources nowadays with backing of Intel to find feasible solutions for test automation without having to run your app as an iframe.
(Although latest developments seem like that will be the preferred way for overwolf in the near future…)

By now we’re encouraged to treat overwolf apps as desktop apps, not web apps, but I wouldn’t really say it’s neither because of missing tooling on either end.

Running it in a browser and without games running and actual overwolf apis is often very different from running it as an overwolf app.

There was a change in the overwolf webserver api to allow CORS, maybe there is an approach to make it work through that. Im not deep enough into selenium to know the details unfortunately.
Is it possible to have selenium/automation tool x communicating through that?

After looking at the debug_url, field, and the lack of documentation around it, it appears like the solution is too complex.

we are looking for a solution that is as simple as possible (can work similarly to enabling dev-tools if you’d like)

@shir.brass @Eyal I will discuss that internally with the R&D team and update you ASAP.


We added it to our backlog. No ETA though.