brintToFront() on ingame window not triggering when another in-game window is active

restoreToFront() on ingame window not triggering when another in-game window is active

Issue Description:
When an in-game window is currently in focus, and another in-game window is also visible at the moment, calling on another in-game window does not work. only seems to work when a in-game window is not active

Impact for my app: low

  • I guess that you mean `
  • What do you mean by “another in-game” window is active? There is a single in-game window.
  • Are you trying to bring to the front of the in-game, a window that defined as in-game in the manifest?

Anyway, I think that the best thing will be to add here detailed steps to reproduce.

I’m closing this issue as we will release a new function that will restore and bring to the front in one call. So we will test it when it is released.

Update: If no changes happen, the fix will be released in OW version 0.157.

Update: scheduled for v0.158, so the fix should be out soon.

You can check it on v0.158 that available on the developer’s channel.
Please update me if everything is working as expected.


It seems in v0.158 dev channel the API now works correctly. There is however still a problem.

When you bringToFront window A, but don’t interact with it, you will not be able to bring to front window B by clicking that window. Only after you clicked in Window A, you will be able to bring window B in front by clicking it.

In order to test this, open Hearthstone with the HearthArena 2.0 client OPK.
In the dock, click the settings button at the top right.
This puts the overlay in front; do not interact with it!
Now click anywhere in the dock, notice how its not brought to the front?

Now click anywhere in the settings window.
Click the dock again, notice how it now does work.

hey @heartharena ,
I tried reproducing this issue in-game, but the “desktop” window is native, so it can’t be shown in game (and on desktop there’s no such issue).

Am I missing anything?

There is also an “overlay” window, the overlay window has exactly the same content as the “desktop” window but unlike the “desktop window” it is not a “native window” but an “in-game only window”.

In order to open it, the “Heartharena dock” should be visible inside Hearthstone. So only click the settings button AFTER you are in Hearthstone;
Note: also make sure the desktop is closed whenever you do this otherwise it will bring the desktop window to the front instead.

Can share the same experience as @heartharena here. Window is behind the game window, and is invisible on the task bar. Would help a lot to get this issue sorted out as we are working on a big overhaul on our app and would like to use this feature. What is the new feature you mention @eransharv ? What we are using is Did you make a new feature?

Ok, now I was able to reproduce this bug @heartharena.

I hope that it will be solved in the next few days. (I’ll update you once it’s fixed)

@heartharena, the bug should be fixed now, in OW client version 0.159.
You can find it on the developer’s channel.

I will mark this ticket as closed now, but please feel free to mention me if you see the issue again. And I’ll reopen it.