BUG? Damage updates after death

if you die and watch another player (teammate or the one who killed you), you get damage events (and maybe others as well) from the wrong player (the one you are watching)


{"name":"kill_feed","data":"{\r\n  \"local_player_name\": \"mutschler\",\r\n  \"attackerName\": \"itsBobbyyy\",\r\n  \"victimName\": \"mutschler\",\r\n  \"weaponName\": \"r301\",\r\n  \"action\": \"knockdown\"\r\n}"}
{"name":"kill_feed","data":"{\r\n  \"attackerName\": \"itsBobbyyy\",\r\n  \"victimName\": \"mutschler\",\r\n  \"weaponName\": \"Bleed Out\",\r\n  \"action\": \"Bleed Out\"\r\n}"}
{"name":"death","data":""} // i die
{"name":"match_end","data":""} // whole team dead
{"name":"damage","data":"{\r\n  \"targetName\": \"Cr0ssTHC\",\r\n  \"damageAmount\": \"47.000000\",\r\n  \"armor\": \"true\",\r\n  \"headshot\": \"false\"\r\n}"} // still getting damage update while spectating the one that killed me

I will check it and update you. thanks.

@mutschler hi. can you please tell us what exactly do you want to achieve?
In general, It sounds more like a wrong design from our side than a bug. But the critical question is whether if you currently have a workaround or not, as we prefer to put this change on a low priority for now.

@eransharv sure, I’ll try.

I log all damage updates and create a overview on how much damage was dealt to which user. Since there are updates after death it’s kind of “wrong” to rely on the event itself.

In general i think that there shouldn’t be damage (or similar) updates send at all if I’m dead… for now i just ignore them when the “death” event is fired. I set a temp var which then is used to ignore the updates till one is revived.

So long story short: I have a workaround just thought I’d let you know cause it seems wrong/bug like getting those updates when dead

@mutschler, I agree with you on this matter. At the same time, currently, this change is a low priority. So what I’m going to do is to close this ticket, but at the same time, I will push it to the backlog, so when the time comes, we will fix this behavior.

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated.

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