Can i get kill data [current player]


i know we can get the details of kill in kill_feed event, but in this event i’m getting others players kill data, but i need only current player kill_feed. ?

Can you please specify the exact game where this is happening?

CS:GO Game in kill_feed event

and Valorant

So, first, for Valorant:
If all you want is just the local players’ kills, you can use the kill event. You can then cross-reference it with the kill_feed itself, using the player name from the me event, although there are some specific edge cases where that last part might run into issues (since names are not entirely unique), so proceed with caution

Now, for CS:GO:
You can use a similar solution, using the kill event. Alternatively, you can also compare the usernames from kill events and the scoreboard directly, in order to properly distinguish between players. Usernames are guaranteed to be unique per team, but you might need to also handle cases where two users with the same name exist on opposing teams, so keep that in mind

Hope that helps!