Can the yellow border be removed from the game window when `enable_when_available` video capture setting is true?

When capturing games like CS:GO in windowed mode, we can set the enable_when_available game_window_capture setting when starting a video capture to only capture the game window instead of the whole desktop.

But this also puts a yellow border around the whole game window. Is there a way to not show a yellow border around the game window?

Docs link is here:

@fgfl I will check it and let you know.


So the answer is, unfortunately, No as explained here:

This feature was added by Microsoft to alert users when a window is being captured. It cannot be disabled. It is there to act as an indicator for the end user in case some malware sneaks onto your machine and starts using the capture API to watch your windows to steal data, for example. As OBS is capturing these windows (at your request, by pointing a window or game capture at them), the yellow ‘window is being captured’ alert surround indicator is activated. There is no way to turn it off.

If there is no way to remove the border, then is there an API to detect when a game needs this stream option enabled (CSGO in window mode, etc.)? Or do we need to manually put in conditionals to check all the games and the current game windows setting that are known to have this issue.

If we need to check it ourselves, is there something in the API that can let us know if the game’s window is in fullscreen, window, or borderless fullscreen mode?


New is_game_window_capture properties added to onStartStreaming and onReplayServicesStarted to inform the app Creator if this new capturing feature was used or not on the current OW window.