Can't detect 'unassigned' hotkeys when they are already taken

Issue Description:
overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get() method for the application with flag “game_targeting”: {“type”: “all”} returns hotkeys settings with empty object “games: {}” by default, unless some games have hotkeys manually changed.
But after installing the application, if the hotkeys for some game were used by another application, they became “unassigned” in the Overwolf settings, and the hotkeys overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get () games still return the hotkey settings with an empty object “games: {}”.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the application #1 that has the same hotkeys for some game.
  2. Install application #2 with “game_targeting”: {“type”: “all”} and the same hotkeys
    3.Check the Overwolf ‘Overlay & Hotkeys’ settings: hotkeys for the app #2 became ‘unassigned’
  3. run overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get() in the application #2 - response will return empty object “games: {}”, so ‘unassigned’ can not be detect it in the app #2.
    Impact for my app: low

@Pokyntelytsia in any case (AFAIK), you don’t need to get a null object from overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get().

You mentioned App#1 and App#2 - can you please reproduce and tell me the exact apps that you used and which hotkeys exactly did you used, and when you called overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get() and which responses you got. I need to reproduce it by myself, so I need to know all the exact details.

App#1 was a Firestone, App#2 I sent you in DM, they have the same hotkeys Alt+C.
App#2 calls overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get() after launching, and I called it in app console, and got empty object “games”: {} in both cases :

{“globals”:[{“name”:“show_hide”,“title”:“Show/Hide Voicemod”,“virtualKeycode”:68,“modifierKeys”:1,“extension-uid”:“dkpppanigohiilnkdecgnkoailiifdekglpnalpg”,“isPassthrough”:false,“hold”:false,“binding”:“Alt+D”,“IsUnassigned”:false},{“name”:“change_voice”,“title”:“Switch voice”,“virtualKeycode”:67,“modifierKeys”:1,“extension-uid”:“dkpppanigohiilnkdecgnkoailiifdekglpnalpg”,“isPassthrough”:false,“hold”:false,“binding”:“Alt+C”,“IsUnassigned”:false}],“games”:{},“success”:true}


If I understand your issue correctly, you want to have an indication that your global hotkey was overridden.

That is, the expected behavior for you is to have {IsUnassigned: true} either in the global key or in a separate game-specific key.


Yes, right.
I need to somehow know that hotkey is unassigned in this case.

A fix for this issue is scheduled for Overwolf version 158 (ETA for release is ~2-3 weeks)

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@Pokyntelytsia, we fixed it for OW v0.157.
Please stay tuned to our #announcments slack channel. We notify there when 0.157 will be available on the Developers channel, so you can check and confirm that it’s working as expected.

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Just updating that eventually, we released the fix in 0.158.
Please check if an issue mentions me with the “@,” and I’ll reopen the ticket.

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