Can't install ow-cli to project

Documentation states it’s possible to use from nodeJS (e.g gulp)
Trying to install it locally it fails for me.
How do I setup properly or which step am I missing?
Let’s add the required bash dependency (if there is any) to the documentation :slight_smile:

noone else having any issues with this?

Hi Stan!
This might be an unintended behavior, and we will be checking this internally.
Until then, try to use npm i -g @overwolf/ow-cli rather than npm i -D @overwolf/ow-cli, and let me know if that solved it!


The error you’re seeing comes from the postinstall script which we use for autocompletion in the terminal. Looks like we need to handle it better for this use case :wink:

As a temporary workaround, creating that file (~/.bashrc) should work.

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@Colorfulstan could you try again? version 0.0.3-8 has a possible fix