Can't test subscription flow

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): me

Issue Description:
I have a dev account and a new app that I am building that hasn’t been published yet. I have a subscription that has a Test status. When calling the following code to open subscription page it does not open it just the application page where the details are about the app. There is not subscribe button.

   page: window.overwolf.utils.enums.eStorePage.SubscriptionPage,

I am trying to reproduce a user flow where click on a button which calls the above mentioned function and buys a subscription. I can’t, because I am stuck on the profile page.

I tried adding a subscription manually under my name, but when I call the following function it returns null plans. I tried setting my plan active / revoked / inactive / invalid it is the same result. I can see my active subscription in the Overwolf > Subscriptions > Active Subscriptions panel, but not in my app.

overwolf.profile.subscriptions.getActivePlans((plan) => { });

Please explain to me how to test my subscription while it is still in dev phase. I read these pages already: overwolf.profile.subscriptions API · Overwolf
Integrate subscriptions in your app · Overwolf

Quote from that page:

As the app owner, you have the option to add subscribers (usually for testing) through your dev console. Note that using this method is not the best way to test, as sync and other issues might prevent the new subscriber from being displayed as an active subscriber in the OW client settings page or even through the API (getActivePlans() can return 0 active subscriptions for example). Therefore, the best way to test subscription-related issues is to follow the end-user scenario - open the plan page, hit the subscribe button, and purchase a test subscription.

My answer: Great, if I can find the sub button. :slight_smile:

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): I can with my app and my current console settings.
Impact for my app: I can’t test subs therefore I am being blocked for releasing my app
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Hey @gabrielmicko, and sorry for the delay.

To test your subscription, you will first have to upload it to the store. If you don’t want to publish it, you should upload it in hidden mode.

Of course, you will also have to be logged in with your dev account.

Please update me if it’s worked for you.


Hi @eransharv, I could test it with adding myself subscription in console. Is there a way to test it by simulating a subscription flow trough the store?


Not sure that I fully understand you:

Is there a way to test it by simulating a subscription flow through the store?

You can’t test the entire flow without uploading your app to the store. Even a hidden mode will be ok.


I am trying to subscribe as a user would, but I don’t see the subscribe button in the “app store”. I explained above. :confused:

@gabrielmicko, can you please tell me your app name, and I will check the dev console?
If you want to keep it private, you can DM me.


@gabrielmicko, I found your app on the console.
I can see that your app is hidden in the store, and your plan is on test mode. And that configured right.
So I want to confirm that you are logged in to the OW client with your user mXXsko@XXXXX.XXX (the user set as the “owner” of the app). If you are and you still can’t see the “Subscribe” button on the one app page - then it’s a bug. Please update.


Yes, I am logged in and I cannot see the button!

@gabrielmicko, can you please call this code from the dev console and make sure that you can see your user logged in on the upper right? (of course use your real extension ID)


Here is an example of my user:

OK, I’ll check it further. It looks like a bug. Thanks. I will update you here.