Can't upload my opk - a new version already exists


I have one test channel and one prod channel. I have publish version N to my test channel, and when I try to upload the same version to my prod channel, I get an error saying that “a newer version already exists”.

I then just bumped the version number to N+1 and re-uploaded it to prod, and the upload went through properly.


We’ve managed to reproduce this bug, and are working on a fix. We will update this thread once it’s fixed.

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After some deliberation, the error message has been updated to be more clear for now.
Apart from that, at least currently, version numbers have to stay unique across different app channels, so that each version number can serve as a UID for a specific version, regardless of channel.

Hope that helps!

Edit: See remainder of the thread

So just to clarify: if we upload version N on a test channel, we won’t be able to upload it on prod and will need to bump it to N+1, is that correct?

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That is correct yes - Edit: See next post

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Alright, a short update - There was apparently a gap in the internal documentation, it has been fixed. What this actually means is the following:

Uploading a version with an existing number to any number of test channels is possible, although there will be some potential unexpected behaviors with this, as it is not an intended/supported feature as of now.
Uploading a version that exists in a test channel to production will also work, and the version will now exist in production.
Uploading a version that exists in production to ANY test channel will fail.

If any one of those three behaviors does not occur, that is considered a bug.
As such, we are also looking into the original report again, as a potential bug.

Apologies for the confusion, and hope that helps!

Thanks Oded!

So that means that if I upload a release to prod, do a rollout (partial or total), then release to test, it will fail.
If I do the same but first in test, then to prod, it will succeed.

If that’s the case, then I think I should be fine :slight_smile:

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