CanvasKit not rendering with Hardware Acceleration

Related app: ValoPlant

Issue Description: Flutter currently supports two web renderers, HTML and CanvasKit. When using CanvasKit together with hardware acceleration, nothing gets rendered on the screen. This forces me to use the HTML renderer which is much less performant.

Exact steps to reproduce: Currently, the app in the store uses the HTML renderer but the exact same issue I have with the CanvasKit renderer can be observed when accessing the CanvasKit demo page via the Overwolf browser (CanvasKit - Quickstart | Skia).
It only displys the demos when hardware acceleration is disabled.

Impact for my app: Immense, all users experience the slower version of the app, since CanvasKit doesn’t work with Overwolf’s hardware acceleration.

Do you currently have a workaround? Yes, use the less performant HTML renderer.

Time of the event - 11:10 (516.5 KB)

Can you try it with a native Overwolf window?

@itayG The window is displayed ingame, so I don’t think I can display it as a native window.

I just overrode the desktop window as a native window though, it seems to work flawlessly there!

But I still have the issue to get it to run ingame.

currently, our in-game windows don’t support it.

Will it get supported eventually?

It probably requires some tinkering with the renderer, right?


We might add support in the future, but currently, it’s not planned.