[CEF] enable audioTracks experimental feature

  • Feature Description:
    Users requested us to be able to split their mic from the regular audio tracks and this is blocking us.
    We would like to use audioTracks property so we can controls which track to play in our player.
    This feature is behind experimental flag, so we need to enable it in CEF.
    This is the link for the property on MDN:
    HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks - Web APIs | MDN

The flag is probably is_audio_video_tracks_enabled , but please make sure here:

  • Impact for my app: High

  • What is your current pain point?
    OOTB, <video> doesn’t support 3 audio tracks

@shir.brass Isn’t it this feature that exists since 0.156?

  • Multiple audio tracks: It is now possible to record videos that support more than one audio track, using the new flag for stream settings: separate_tracks": bool .
    When disabled (default), create the video source with track1 only.
    When enabled, video (mp4) will be created with three different audio tracks:
    • track1: Microphone + Desktop.
    • track2: Desktop output.
    • track3: Microphone input.

the feature introduced in OW version 0.156 is meant for recording separate audio channels

However, in order to play separate audio channels, we require this flag

@shir.brass ok now it’s clearer. I will check it.