Center of screen does not account for multi-monitor setup

Certain windows are always displayed center of screen, e.g. the “Overwolf Update Available” notification window. When calculating the coordinates for center of screen, only the total Desktop size is used, while multi-monitor setups are not taken into account. As a result, and in my particular case, the update notification appears in the bottom right corner of the primary screen, such that the window is only partially visible. The window has no draggable title bar, has no system menu and does not appear in the Windows task bar, and is thus unusable and unclosable via conventional UI.


Impact: annoying, may result in user not receiving updates.

To reproduce: own two monitors, configured as shown below, where screen 2 is the primary desktop at 3840x2160 and 125% scaling, screen 1 is running at 1920x1080 and 100% scaling.


Workaround: The issue may be mitigated by disabling all but the primary screen, or modifying the desktop arrangement, but both are unacceptable limitations.

Thanks for reporting, we are currently checking this issue.

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We released a fix for this issue (already available to all users)

@Elberet hi, as the fixed is released, I will go ahead now and close this ticket.
If in the future you will want to reopen it, please mention me here.